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Here’s Why Doctors Should Not Start Their Own Podcast

Ernesto Gutierrez, MD


In 2013, I was a guest on a podcast for the very first time.

Since then, I have been fascinated with the medium and gone as far as to host three different podcasts of my own and be a guest in several other ones. I even founded a company that produces podcasts for busy experts — Podcast In A Box.

Yet I strongly believe most doctors should not start their own podcast.

What’s the point of a podcast nobody listens to?

Unless you already have an audience who knows, likes and trusts you, launching a brand new podcast is going to be a waste of resources.

Luckily, there’s a better way. Podcast-guesting is how you do it. It has all the benefits of hosting your own podcast, with none of the responsibility. The hosts will put you in front of their audience and you get to borrow their credibility. It’s almost like they’re vouching for you in front of their people.

You forget about recording episodes, editing the audio, creating graphics and show notes, and a long list of unexpected crap that every podcast host knows about.

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