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The 1 Thing You Need To Do More Of To Sell More Medical Services

What’s the single, most important thing to look after in your first year in business?

Profit. No matter how great your idea or your product is, if your business is not profitable, you won’t make it past 12 months. Often less than that.

As a doctor, you believe as long as your services are top-class, profit will come.

So you focus nearly all your time and attention towards improving your services –new equipment, additional training, more staff– but neglect sales.

The solution is identify the money-making activities and spend most of your time on them

Money-making activities are those in which you ask someone to enroll in your practice or buy your service.

Depending on your business model, these are: going on sales calls, hosting a seminar, conducting a workshop, etc. Notice how I did not say go on a podcast, build a funnel, buy some ads. Those are all valuable but they’re marketing; not sales.

The goal of marketing is to get a potential patient in front of your offer. It’s a precursor to sales, but not a substitute.

The number of sales you make is directly proportional to the number of offers you make to your audience.

When my clients say they just can’t get clients, I ask them a simple question: How many people have you had a sales conversation with?

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