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What Is Lifestyle Design And Why You Need To Do It

Ernesto Gutierrez, MD
2 min readSep 26, 2022


Most people misunderstand lifestyle design.

They think it’s about making millions of dollars and living a lavish lifestyle. But that’s not it. Allow me to illustrate with a brief story.

A few years ago I realized I didn’t like the whole 5am wake-up just so I could get some quality work in before the world around me woke up.

I did it, but never really enjoyed it.

Heck, I do my best work late at night anyway. So when I sat down to design my perfect days, I decided I wanted to have every morning for myself.

And so the question became, “How can I manage to only see clients late into the night without having to work at a nightclub (or worse🤣)?

Relocate to a completely different timezone.

You see, being time-shifted from my clients gives me back my mornings to do with them as I please.

Case in point, this morning I went for a walk, sat by the beach with my journal and drank a glass of freshly-squeezed Valencian orange juice (the best in the Mediterranean!). Then I came home and planned for the week ahead (at noon) and had lunch with my wife. Now I’m about to head out to the office and help some clients crush Q4!

Chances are you’re reading this thinking “that’s awful! I don’t want to work into the night!”

That’s what lifestyle design is about.

It’s not about adopting arbitrary metrics of success. It’s about figuring out what’s important to you, TODAY, and figuring out how to make it happen.

Think about it… are you living a life by your design or are you trying to live a life around your job?

Click here when you’re ready to start living life by your design. I look forward to helping you do just that.

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